Labryinth Workshops

El Rocio Retreat is the home of one of the few Labyrinths in the Rio Grande Valley. The Labyrinth was used in Europe by medieval Christians and pilgrims to replace the longer journey to Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Today, people of all faiths may experience their own pilgrimage. A Labyrinth has only one path, a winding passage that leads to a central space in the center and back out again. It is not a maze. There are no wrong turns or dead ends. One cannot get lost walking it. It disengages the thinking mind, allowing one to "go within" the soul and open the heart. Many use it as a form of centering prayer and meditation leading to a closer union with God. Others find that it relieves tension, and gives a deep sense of peace and healing. Should you or your group wish to use the Labyrinth and learn more about its history? Please contact Dr. Nelson for additional information.

El Rocio's Labryinth

Walking the Labryinth