Swim Lessons

Dr. Nelson has been a Red Cross certified W.S.I. (Water Safety Instructor), CPR, and Swim Coach since 1978. Beginning at her Seals' Swim School in Seal Beach, CA she has taught swim lessons to all ages. She now teaches private swim lessons in her backyard private pool in Edinburg, TX. "Everyone should know how to swim", is her philosophy. Beginning at 20 months of age, Dr. Nelson will teach in the privacy of her lush backyard home pool in Edinburg, Texas. All lessons are either 15 or 30 minutes per day. Monday thru Friday from May until October. Contact Dr. Nelson now for booking your summer swim lessons. The cost for 30 minutes is $40.00. mmgamel@hiline.net or 956.802.9993 cell.

4 Year Old Learning to Dive

18 Month Old Learning to Swim